Joomla – How to create a custom view template for com_tags?

Joomla – How to create a custom view template for com_tags?
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Some time, you want just show the first 5 tags instead of all tags, but joomla by default, don’t have option to limit the number of tags to show. In this post, will help you how to do that. First, copy tag view to your template, so when ever you update joomla, your edit will not overrides. You can do this by create a folder name com_tags in folder html of your template. It should be path like this: yourjoomlasite/templates/your_template_folder/html/com_tags

Custom template for Joomla com_tags

Custom template for Joomla com_tags

Now, in side that folder, you create 2 folder to custom view for com_tags in your template, for example, you create 2 folder name tag and tags in side com_tags folder you have just create, then copy all content from components/com_tags/views/tag to  templates/your_template_folder/html/com_tags/tag and all content from components\com_tags\views\tags to templates/your_template_folder/html/com_tags/tags

Now we will have our own template for com_tags

Remember to change /your_template_folder/ to your template folder, for example in my case, it’s bienthuy


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